support of public and industrial
research using ion beam technology


Transnational Access Activities

Transnational Access (TNA) will be provided by 9 partners of the SPIRIT consortium. The project will in particular profit from the corresponding experience of the coordinator HZDR, who successfully offered / is offering TNA to Users under FP5-7. However, there is a longstanding experience of all involved infrastructures in giving access to external users.

Transnational Access (TNA) will be provided throughout the duration of the project at 9 infrastructures. Table shows that the SPIRIT TNA activities will be focused on Materials Science, Biomedical Studies and Environmental Investigations including Cultural Heritage, covering the application of ion beams for materials analysis and for irradiation / materials modification. A wide spectrum of specific devices, methods and processes is available within the consortium, which covers standard applications and novel developments and is inline with the international state-of-the art.


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Proposals are evaluated and carried out according to the local rules of the TNA partner facility. Submitted proposals are reviewed by factors such as scientific and technical originality, feasibility and quality of the research group. SPIRIT encourages new users, users from New Member States, and participation of young researchers (e.g. Ph.D. students) and female scientists to apply for TNA.

When a user presents a proposal, help is granted, especially for new or inexperienced users. In particular, support by scientists is available by e-mail ( to advise on the technical feasibility of projects before submission of proposals. Thus, prevention is taken to avoid that proposals generated by new users are downgraded simply on the basis of errors or misconceptions in the technical aspects. New users whose proposals have not been positively evaluated are encouraged to re-submit, after taking into account the comments by the selection panel.

TNA partner facilities

Main fields of application, specific processes of ion-based materials analysis and modification, and contributions of the individual infrastructures. For better resolution, please click on the link below the table.


TNA table

Local TNA contact persons

In each facility providing Transnational Access, there is a contact person responsible for all TNA matters. If you have any questions, specific to the facility you'd like to use, feel free to ask the corresponding person.

Facility Contact Person email Telephone
HZDR Annette Weissig +49-351-2602343
CNRS Stephanie Sorieul +33-5-57120846
KUL Zhao Qiang +32-16-327502
JSI Matias Kavcic +386-1-5885-266
UBW Andreas Bergmaier +49-89-6004-3513
CEA Amine Cassimi +33-2-3145-4752
CEA Yves Serruys  
SUR Chris Jeynes +44-1483-689829
UPMC Jean-Jacques Ganem +33-1-44-27-46-34
RBI Iva Bogdanovic Radovic +385-1-4571-227