SmileThe SPIRIT collaboration continues!Smile
Despite the official end of the EU funding of the SPIRIT project by the 31st of August 2013, the SPIRIT consortium continues the trans-national access (TNA) to its ion beam facilities. Users can submit their application in the same way as before. Proposals are evaluated and carried out according to the local rules of the TNA partner facility.







support of public and industrial research using ion beam technology

SPIRIT represents an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) funded by the European Commission. The main goal of SPIRIT is to grant public and industrial researchers from Europe free access to leading european ion beam facilities and R&D providers, which deliver ions in an energy range from ~10 keV up to 100 MeV for the modification and analysis of solid surfaces, interfaces, thin films and nanostructured systems. The main application areas are materials, biomedical and environmental research and technology.
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SPIRIT Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Wolfhard Möller
Phone: +49-351-2602245
Fax: +49-351-2603285